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NOTE !!! 2016 !!! Crazy Crayfish dinner 2016 and party registrations are open!


Dear all Nordic (or Nordic-loving) party-people! 


On Saturday, 3rd September, it is time again for one of Sweden's most appreciated (drinking)-traditions, and now it's finally possible to register to go to this party, let's make this edition amazing




Welcome to our lakehouse and to our annual, epic:

Red-seafood-eating,-singing-and-‘snapsing’-dinner (and party all night long)…


The program for the evening will look something like this...


18.00 – Welcome mingle (tonights special drink: Lingoncrush) and time to create your own crazy hat!

19.00 - Dinner starts:

§  All Swedish delicious food (special for this year: nice alternatives to crayfish, you have to see it to believe it…)

§  All drinks (Akvavit, beer, softdrinks and red/white wine) included

§  …as well as the live band, together with the fun and unexpected entertainment!


22.30 - Doors open to the afterparty for those who couldn't make it to the dinner
Two bars will open for you with really awesome prices for yummy late-summer drinks!

The Danish DJ will play groovy music and the dancing is ON!

(01.00 - Doors to the afterparty close (even if you have a key)

Later - 'Nattamat', alt. sauna, skinny dip in the lake etc etc etc…


For inspiration;


All this, for the great price of: 


Dinner and afterparty:

60 CHF for members / 80 CHF for non-members

(all food and drinks for free until 22.30!)


Only Afterparty for the great price of: 

25 CHF for members / 35 for non-members (incl. welcomedrink and ’nattamat’!)


We require a pre-payment made in connection with the registration, so please write your email so we can easily get a hold of you for the pre-payment!

We will also have a securityguard at the club during our evening, to limit all other random people to enter our precious place...

Important! - Look out for a confirmation email with further instructions.

For questions, email:

You can help us a great deal by noticing the following:

* No entry without confirmation of payment and name on guest list
* Every member can bring one guest each, you have to give your guest's name when registering and making your payment, anonymous guests will not receive a spot.
* For the dinner, registrations are binding through payment (because seats are limited and we have a budget to keep) - should your plans change, you can let us know and we'll see whether somebody from the waiting list can take your seat(s). If this does not work out, you'll still have to pay even though it’s a no-show...
* You will receive a wristband; please do keep it on your wrist during the whole evening to avoid being harassed by the party crew or thrown out by guard, wanting to know whether you are "in" or not…


If you would like to meet new people, enjoy a dinner/party night for a very decent price, and be a part of our amazing party crew: join us by register in the Doodle below latest the 20th August.


No crew- no party…

There will be a party planning meeting on Monday 22th August, please block that evening in advance and you will also receive a work schedule etc.
Welcome to the party crew!

Best wishes, Vice President and the event committee at Nordiska.

Ps. For more running information …

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