Nordiska Roddföreningen i Zürich

Bootshaus Mythenquai 79

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Nordiska Roddföreningen i Zürich grundades 1878 och är den enda samnordiska föreningen som överlevde unionsupplösningen 27 år senare. Föreningens fokus ligger på idrott – särskilt rodd – och festlig samvaro mellan nordbor i Schweiz.

På Mythenquai vid Zürich-sjöns södra strand ligger vårt vackra 100-åriga klubbhus. Vid sidan om rodden ägnar sig våra medlemmar åt att grilla, bada, eller bara koppla av från stadens stress i fin miljö. Vi hjälps åt att ordna fester med skandinavisk prägel året runt!

För att bli medlem krävs att man har fyllt 18 år och att man antingen talar ett skandinaviskt språk eller är medborgare i ett nordiskt land. Vi välkomnar nya medlemmar varje månad under vårt styrelsemöte. Föranmälan behövs inte. Närmare information om nästa styrelsemöte hittar du på

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Michael Lowry
Basel Head 2019

The race itself was fun but chaotic. This race has a flying start, so you have to get in line in order of boat number, and then start rowing 20 seconds after the boat in front of you. When we finally got in position, another boat that had missed its start was told to leave the course. They persisted though, and started parallel to us and at the same time. We also caught one crab early on, but recovered quickly.

We had some steering difficulties that led to a few unnecessary detours. Just beyond the Mittlerebrücke, we mistakenly went inside the row of buoys. Boats are supposed to stay outside of these buoys. I believe this is the reason we incurred a 30 second penalty. Another boat (Münchner RC, I believe) followed our mistake, and we nearly collided because there wasn’t room for two boats side by side between the buoys and the shore. We turned right to get outside of the buoys and to make room for the passing boat. Our bow side oars struck at least two of buoys. As we got past the buoys, the current caught us and pulled us further out into the middle of the river. We ended up pointed straight at the photographer’s boat anchored in the center of the river just as we were picking up speed again. We tried to turn back parallel with the current, and to the left of the photographer’s boat. Unfortunately we had too much momentum by that point, and were on course to collide head-on with the photographer’s boat. We had to stop, turn to the left of the boat, and start again.

When rowing upstream against strong current, one must make very small adjustments, to avoid getting pushed around by the current. It was a very crowded field and the river was not obstacle-free, so the cox had a very challenging job!

Once we got going again, the rest of the way upstream was relatively smooth. It was heavy rowing due to the strong current, quite a bit stronger than last year. We heard some spectators along the way shouting ‘Nordiska!’ and cheering for us; this gave us a much-needed boost. At the turnaround point, a boat that had been in front of & outside of us turned tightly at the buoys, forcing us to slow down to a near stop halfway through our turn.

The way back to the finish line was a bit easier going because it was downstream, but on the other hand we were already exhausted so it was still very hard.

We didn’t win, but we had a fun race. Lots of challenges popped up, but we kept our cool and rowed as a team all the way from start to finish. We completed the race with no injuries and no damage to equipment. We learned some important lessons that we can apply to future races, and in particular to future Basel Head regattas.

Crew: Steen H, Michael, Tobias, Henrik, Andreas I, Martin P, Thomas, Roger (stroke), Helena (cox)

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