Nordiska Roddföreningen i Zürich

Bootshaus Mythenquai 79

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Nordiska Roforening (Nordiska) i Zürich blev grundlagt i 1878. Nordiska er dermed den eneste sam-nordiske forening, som er overlevet unionsopløsningen mellem Norge og Sverige. Foreningens fokus er på idræt – primært roning – men også socialt og festligt samvær blandt nordiske, som bor i Schweiz.

Vores smukke 100-årige klubhus ligger på Mythenquai ved Zürich-søens sydlige bred. Udover roning benytter vi de skønne omgivelser til at grille, bade eller bare slappe af. Derudover hjælper vi hinanden med at organisere fester med skandinavisk præg året rundt. På Nordiska finder man altid noget spændende at være involveret i.

For at blive medlem af Nordiska skal man opfylde følgende betingelser: Man skal være mindst 18 år gammel samt kunne tale mindst et skandinavisk sprog, eller være statsborger i et af de nordiske lande. Nye medlemmer bydes velkommen hver måned i forbindelse med bestyrelsesmødet. Ønsker man at blive medlem, skal man blot møde op. Nærmere information om det næste bestyrelsesmøde findes på

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Rikke Christina Nielsen
President's Cup

Presidents cup 2020

The Swiss Presidents Cup is a competition for larger boats where you collect points over the rowing season. The Cup was somewhat amputated this year after cancellation of all regattas in 2020. To keep spirits up Swiss Rowing arranged a Presidents Cup regatta at Rotsee. It is one of the best natural lakes for rowing in the world, and you are normally only allowed to race on the lake for the Swiss Championships or international regattas such as the Rowing World Cup.  

It was a very well marshalled regatta with COVID-19 measures, masks and all. The only thing the organisers could not control was the weather… and it showed!

The crew was a group of female masters rowers from Zürich, Basel, Lugano and Luzern. We row and train together with the aim of participating  in Swiss and international regattas for 8+. Michelle and Emma from the crew have written about the experiences at the regatta. Hint! It’s not all sunshine and cruising down the lane.




President’s Cup 2020 - Masters Women
Emma Wright and Michelle Lesh

Weather report – rain, more rain, some wind, some more rain, cold, rainy…..did we mention rain?  
Water conditions – perfect
Race day prep – read the 7 pages of corona concept rules, buy masks, get wristbands, show up 2hrs early, leave immediately, no spectators and no socializing with other clubs.  

After what seemed like forever, training without a clear goal and wondering if there would be any races in 2020, the race schedule was announced. The President’s Cup was up first, with SM to follow. In a very strange 2020, suddenly having races to look forward to gave us purpose.  We set our sights on the President’s Cup.  

But let’s back up to the spring and those first goalless rows. Our first day back in the 8+, it was clear that we had done an excellent job perfecting our technique…..erg technique, that is. With nice, aggressive erg-like finishes, we powered through those first few outings.  We were grateful that Corona hadn’t taken our fitness, just our style….erm, technique. 

However, with a few more outings and a training weekend (or 100km) later, we started to pull together and felt ready for the Rotsee. After the choreographing and reading through seven pages of Corona safety protocols, we were ready to show up in our masks and waterproof gear. There would be a new challenge though:  would we recognize each other under all that gear?.

Race day came and so did the rain. After patiently waiting for months for this day to come, it was close to the wettest day of the year.  It reminded our British crew member of long summers at home. Nothing like cold and dreary skies to bring about race day excitement. Would we even be able to hold onto our oars?     

Thankfully, we were able to recognize each other under the masks, and after a quick rig, we got the boat on the water.  We almost ended up in the water boatless versus on the water, after a men’s 8 very aggressively pushed off the dock (their race day excitement was evident). Once we recovered our balance and accounted for all our rowers, we pushed off ourselves. 

Fortunately at the start line, the rain let up, but it left behind plenty of water in the boat.  Waves of water sloshing against our legs throughout the race was a nice distraction. Our race plan was set: start, high 20, then settle with a push at half way. Luzern and Bern lined up next to us, and we were off.  We got off to a strong start, pushing into the lead from the very first strokes.  But our effective push after 500m propelled us into the lead and gave us a strong confident rhythm that enabled us to finish a good  1/2  length in front of Luzern.

As soon as we finished, we realized that our race plan had apparently gone out the window.  Our lungs were on fire; maybe all that erging hadn’t paid off.  At that point our cox, Felicity, let us know our SR36 was the culprit. Start….great, high 20….great, settle….ummmmm, we forgot that part! We also forgot we’re not spring chickens anymore.  Was all of the forgetting down to our age, or our burning desire to leave Luzern in our wake? Not today Luzern, not today.  Afterall it was Emma’s first Rotsee race; we had to get a gold medal.  And of course, we had to live up to Inge’s standards:  30 years ago she had won her first gold medal here on the Rotsee at the innagural FISA World Cup Final.  

After collecting our gold, we headed back to the dock.  Masks ready so that we could enter the wristband- verified enclosure; it was the end of a very surreal race day.  It wasn’t the end though, as the rain picked back up and we almost froze to death, soaked to the skin derigging the boat.  After that last hurdle, we found the extra energy to sprint for the locker-room to get dry. 

All in all, it was a very cold, rainy, Corona-influenced, magical race.

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