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Hoodies and other club clothes!

Happy go lucky!

Nordiska members can now finally order cool Club Clothes, even for the ones that doesnt row. 

Let’s show Zurich that we belong to the coolest Rowing Club in town!

 Following Steen’s email about instructions of ’how to successfully order’, see below example of the awesome college set that can be yours J

Happy springtime!

 /Vice President


On 23 Feb 2016, at 22:49, Steen Thorhauge Heitmann <> wrote:

Dear all members, kære medlemmer,

I have opened an ordering window at Godfreys from today until March 14th.

This means you can go to Godfreys web site. Order the clothes you want. Pay them by whichever of the optional possibilities you choose, and at the cut off date, the orderes will be compiled and shipped together to my address.

We thereby benefit from the quantity discounts and we save money on the shipping costs. Goods ordered withing this ordering window should arrive sometime around mid April, all depending on Swiss customs expediency.

(NB! Prices will be lower than what is displayed at Godfreys. We will not pay UK sales tax, however there will come a customs fee and we will be charged 8% Mwst. I will sort that out when the goods arrive and you will refund me the customs, shipping and Mwst. that are bestowed on your order).

Details from Godfreys:

"...I have now opened the ordering window, to run from today, until the end of Monday 14th March, with the delivery of the kit in mid-to-late-April. Please let your club members know, so they can place their orders online by the cut off date:

There are some useful links to pass on here:

However, most questions can be answered by letting people know that no money is taken until after the cut-off date has passed, when we have had a chance to collate the orders, apply the discounts and then we can take the payments. Also, the worst case scenario will be the 2-11 price level, even if someone is the only person to order a particular item, if it is ordered within the club ordering window. The postage costs will also be split between everyone in the order..."

You can also order all kinds of other stuff (rowing, bicycling and other sports) here:

Med venlig hilsen

Steen Heitmann


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