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2022-05-14 20:30: Eurovision

If there is one thing that surely unites us Nordics, it's our love for Eurovision. 

Therefore, we will air the 2022 Eurovision at Nordiska on Saturday, May 14th. 
The grand final starts at 21:00, and there is no entrance fee, but we will be selling drinks for friendly prices. 

There is also no dress code for the event, but if you're feeling extra (and let's face it, Eurovision is the time of year for that!) don't hesitate to dress up like, for example, the beloved ABBA crew, in a full-on Lordi costume, or my personal favorite: Epic Sax Guy. 

  • When: Saturday, May 14th., 20:30
  • Where: N.R.F. boathouse, Mythenquai 79, Zürich
  • Admission: No entrance fee; just come and enjoy the show

Whether you are a hardcore fan who can name every winner since 1956 or just looking for an excuse to criticize all the questionable music... we look forward to seeing you there. 

Vice President Stella 

Ansvarlig: Sigrún Stella Þorvaldsdóttir