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Rockabilly Party with 1950's Cocktails, snacks and dancing! 26th February 20.00

Its time to rock and roll the night away!
- Shake your booty in the retro way!

Go home to your grandma or grandpa and get the props you need for this rolling party coming your way on Friday!

When Friday, 26th February at 21.00 – 03.00
Where Nordiska, Mythenquai 79 Zurich
How Get dressed up in the typical 50’s style and get your swings on!
Why Because Rockabilly is cool and fun!
Who All members of Nordiska and their friends
Price 5 for members, 10 for non-members
RSVP Wednesday 24th February to

Rockabilly is one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, dating to the early 1950s.The term "rockabilly" is a portmanteau of "rock" (from "rock 'n' roll") and "hillbilly", the latter a reference to the country music (often called "hillbilly music" in the 1940s and 1950s) that contributed strongly to the style's development. Other important influences on rockabilly include western swing, boogie woogie, and rhythm and blues.

What to wear?
Halter dresses with sweet-heart necklines, bust ruching and fitted waists.
High-waisted pencil skirts in either black or red.
Hipster look with suspenders and James Dean styled look
High-waisted ankle-length pants, pired with men’s striped dress shirts (roll up the sleeves and tie a knot in the front).

Consider heart tattoo-inspired necklaces, leopard print or hounds-tooth purses, headbands, hair nets and small classic earrings. For an extra touch, add a flower to your hair, preferably a red rose or a large vibrant flower matching the color of your outfit.

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