Pictures from the Linthkanalfahrt 16.6.2001

In the middle of may this year I, Henrik Sivling, decided to start a team with me and a couple of rowers who had just finished the new beginners course to row the "Røde Orm" on the Linthkanalfahrt tour.

So we formed a team with Rikard, Anders, Remo and me and started training each tuesday and thursday morning. We did that about a month and then we set off to join the Linth-run.

The day before we rowed the boat from Nordiska to Thalwil Ruderclub. They helped us transport the boat to Walensee, where the race started.

On the day we got early out from bed to meet at Zürich Hbf at 06.00 in the morning. From there we travelled to Walensee by train. There we became breakfast and then started rigging the boat for the rowing before us.

We were without cox when we arrived, but Rudi, a guy from Greifensee Ruderclub helped us out. Actually a cox is very necessary especially by the Wasserschwelle at Ziegelbrücke.

Here is a picture from the landing stage. In the backgroud is where the river Linth starts and going to the right on the picture.

Here's a picture from stroke position looking at the Ziegelbrücke and the Wasserschwelle. We made it without other problems than a lot of wet clothes and a lot of water in the boat. Anyways there were divers at the spot ready to help out in case of any accident.

A crew picture from floating down the river. Left to right: Henrik, Anders, Rikard og Remo.

The end of the river and the start of oberer Zürichsee can be seen in the background.

Our cox, Rudi!

After rowing across oberer Zürichsee with headwind we finally reached Polytechnikum Rapperswil and stopped there for lunch. We were served a lovely fish dinner and white wine. Here you can see the guys trying to dry up wet clothes.

After the lunch we got back into the boat and continued our journey towards Nordiska. At this point we had just passed under the bridge at Rapperswil and the rain was pouring down.

After 65km of rowing in rain and waves the smiles were still up. We later reached Nordiska in a lot of waves and weather and were all pretty tired from the long trip.

We all agreed it had been a very good tour especially for young and unexperienced rowers who want to get a little further in the rowing sports. Hope to see a lot of you to join us on the trip for next year!

Made by Henrik Sivling 26. august 2001